Spirited Designs from Wallace Church and Co. and TOKY Branding + Design

U.S. design and branding agency, Wallace Church and Co. entered “Voodoo Lady Love Potion” (above) to the Graphis Packaging 10 competition where quirky characters bring a playful concept to life. Dean MacAdam’s illustration of a woman performing voodoo magic turns this rum into a love potion. This design previously won Silver in Design 2020. Wallace Church and Co. consistently stand out with charming illustrations that embolden spirits bottles and packaging. Cheers to that!

Crafty beer designs for “Rockwell Beer Co.” were submitted by design agency, TOKY for clients, Rockwell Beer Co., now making their venture into the hot craft beer industry. The 6-part series showcases different designs and themes to correspond with the varying styles of brews. The intent was to make the visuals adaptable to the fluidity of the brand; as the brand changes and grows, designs will adapt along with them.

TOKY is a multiple Gold and Silver winner in our Design and Branding Annuals. They most recently won Gold in the Branding 7 competition with their “FireCracker Pizza and Beer” entry. TOKY has successfully been able to develop branding for many different clients across various industries.

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