Spectacular Spirits and Sport Watches: New Design Annual 2022 Entries

Have some spare time? Try a sip of these spirits. Check out these two new Design Annual 2022 entries that feature interesting new branding for products like quality liqueur and sporty watches.

Designer Antonio Rivera studied communication design at California State University, Chico before beginning his career as a design director at CF Napa Brand Design. Located in Napa, California, this design agency is world-renowned for its work in the wine, beer, and spirits industries, grounding itself in establishing an emotional connection between the product and the consumer. Rivera’s entry, “Fleur Charmante” (above), was designed for Blue Ridge Spirits and Wine Marketing. This branding includes elegant new packaging for the liqueur, a new logo, and a custom bottle. The shape of this bottle is beautiful and a fitting match to the delicate gold leaf label. Rather than having sharp edges, this design utilizes curves to its advantage, creating a brand design that is as luxurious as the product itself, and the cherry on top is the classic typography. 

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company that was founded in 2010 and is currently based in Beijing. They create all different types of electronics such as smartphones, TVs, smart devices, and headphones. “Mi Watch Color Sport” (above) was designed by the company’s Ecosystem Packaging Design Team of Jiangpeng Su, Lei Zhao, and Chao Yan. The Mi Watch Color Series was launched in the fall of 2020, which utilizes blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring as a way to appeal to sports and fitness enthusiasts. These watches are sleek and come in several different colors such as ivory white, elegant black, and space blue. The watch can also be paired with olive green, yellow, or red wrist straps, which are perfect for all kinds of athletic activities because they repel water. The watch face is made of aluminum and glass, is lightweight, and has efficient battery life. The packaging is sleek as well, perfectly matching the athletic theme of the product. 

Our Design Annual 2022 will be open until March 2nd! Be sure to submit your work here before it closes. 

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