Ron Taft and Zimmer-Design’s Innovative Packaging Designs are Bringing New Brands to the Market!

Ron Taft creates a design for a condom dispenser for IT’S THE SEX brand. Their Packaging 10 entry titled, “ITS Condom Dispenser” (above), the product helps ITS promote safe sex. Designer Ron Taft designs the platinum box to perfectly fit the square shape of a condom. Another interesting factor is the logo; it can be read from left to right, and top to bottom. The design looks sleek and is currently in production with a major condom manufacturer. Ron Taft Design has previously won Silver and Gold in the Graphis Poster and Design annuals.

Zimmer-Design designed new branding for the coffee brand “Dark Matter Coffee Cold Packaging” (above). They were inspired by futurism, experimental Jazz musician Sun Ra, and the Mexican heritage of the owner of Dark Matter. The colorful and vibrant illustrations on the cans were done by Mexico City-based artist, Raul Urias. Zimmer-Design aimed to help Dark Matter Coffee launch their canned coffee brand amongst the dull, metallic designs of its competitors.

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