Rock Instrument Bureau Launches New Website

Rock Instrument Bureau 1

The Rock Instrument Bureau launched its new website. The redesign was initiated in order to revitalize the image of the organization and to create a fresh look that fully represents their mission. You can visit their new website by clicking here.

The Rock Instrument Bureau is an award-winning design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, specializing in communication, design, and brand identity. Founded in 2005 by Roy Garcia and Sebastian D’Ovidio, RIB was conceived as a way for the designers to combine their own personal projects with commercial endeavors. They seek to provide innovative design solutions for corporate brands, working very closely with their clients in order to understand the ultimate goal of the project. In addition to their print work, RIB also produces photography as well as short films.

Rock Instrument Bureau 2

Rock Instrument Bureau 3

Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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