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Poulin + Morris Inc. is an internationally renowned design consultancy that focuses on visual communications, including graphic identity, interactive media, promotional print, and publication design. Their past assignments have included developing dynamic visual communications programs for the Morgan Stanley World HeadquartersThe New York Public Library, the Samsung World Headquarters and the United Nations Headquarters. Graphis has featured work created by Poulin + Morris in Branding 5, which you can order here.

Some of their new works and recent announcements include:

1. UK HealthCare has selected Poulin + Morris to establish a highly comprehensive and individualized identity and branding plan for its new Arts in HealthCare program. The program itself attempts to redefine the overall setting of their hospitals and clinics through multiple forms of art while highlighting local, national, and international artists.

2. BLT Architects has commissioned Poulin + Morris to continue working on their new identity and branding program by designing a new website to effectively represent the fundamental mission and practices of the firm.

3. A new publication entitled This Way Please, which features environmental graphics and wayfinding systems from a select group of designers from around the globe, recognizes the work of Poulin + Morris. In addition, Richard Poulin’s selection “Branding and Wayfinding: A New Equation?” prefaces the “Commercial and Branding” section of the book.

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Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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