Poster: Platinum & Gold Winning Work by Spencer Till, IF Studio, Ariane Spanier, and hufax arts!

The Poster Annual 2020 Competition offered an array of inspiring Platinum and Gold-winning work. Some poster designers kept to tradition, while others innovated and rethought the concept of poster design. One Platinum-winning work, “Auto & Truck Services – The Art of Repair Poster” (ABOVE LEFT) by Spencer Till, was a playful campaign that represented mechanics as fine artists working on their masterpieces. A Gold-winner, “Jugular Cover” (ABOVE RIGHT), created for their client J Squad, was designed by Toshiaki Ide, Hisa Ide, and Fabio Caselli of IF Studio. The image of a face is covered with a sort of dripping paint visual that is both striking and memorable.

With submissions from around the world, it is fascinating to see what events our poster designers have been promoting. Gold-winner “Academy Concerts 1-7 Season 2018/19” (ABOVE LEFT) was created by Ariane Spanier Design for their client, the Orchestra of the National Theatre Mannheim. “Design is Language” (ABOVE RIGHT), another Gold-winner, was designed by Fa-Hsiang Hu, JingYan Zhong, Cing-Fang Lin, and Woody Hu under Art Direction by Alain Hu. The poster was created for China University of Technology Graduate Institute of Visual Communication Design to entice new students to enroll in 2019. It certainly catches the eye and is reflective of the essence of communication design. The art of the poster lies in its ability to call people to action while simultaneously documenting events and important moments in history.

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