Poster: Bond, FX Networks, Insync PLUS & more from CA, USA

Bond, based in Los Angeles, created the captivating and satisfyingly creepy key art for FX Networks‘ hit TV series American Horror Story. Under the creative direction of FX Networks’ Todd Heughens and Stephanie Gibbons, Photographer Frank Ockenfels shot the photograph, which hints at underlying themes in the show: “This series explored the hive mind and bees, hexagons, patterns, immersion and control. The resulting “hive” mentality creates the illusion of power as part of a larger purpose for the trapped individual and absolute power for the leader.”

Under Creative Director Jeff Wadley, Designer Kishan Muthucumaru of InSync PLUS created the poster beside it (right) for 20th Century Fox. The intense image plays up “the mystery and thriller aspect of the storyline we explored different ways of showing the character in empowering and strong ways including more iconic and conceptual executions.”


The poster to the left was designed by Cold Open from Venice, CA for client HBO. The colorful poster promotes the upcoming show Lenny. ARSONAL from Culver City designed the poster to the right for Bravo in order to promote the next season of the show Top Chef, which will take place in the snowy mountains of Colorado. They “landed on a concept that utilized the series’ signature chef knife, transforming it into a snowboard for quintessential Colorado. The illustrated style evoked vintage travel postcards while still feeling modern and fresh.”

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Author: Graphis