Poster Annual Submission Spotlight:
Pennsylvania Designers

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 1.44.32 PMBon Appetit,’ Scott Laserow 

Pennsylvania Designer Scott Laserow – Bon Appetit

Scott Laserow’s recent submission to this year’s Poster Annual 2015 is yet another example of the power of poster design in communicating a message. The poster, entitled “Bon appetit,” is a quickly recognizable and elegantly discomforting means of spreading plastic conservation awareness.

Laserow is a Pennsylvania-based photographer. Other top creatives from Pennsylvania include Thomas Eaker, a Gold winner in the Poster Annual 2012, and Jason Giles, a Platinum winner in the Poster Annual 2010. Issue 206 highlights Pennsylvania design firm

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 4.23.56 PMChimera Soiree,’ Thomas Eaker                                      They’re Melting Away’, Jason Giles          

Laserow is a graphic designer who has been in the field for nearly 30 years. His unique approach to poster design, print media, web design, interactive design and animations have earned him a name in his domain from an early age. Laserow has used his design experience to help support humanitarian causes, earning him presentation in international publications, exhibitions and a long list of awards. To check out more work by Scott Laserow, click here.

The Poster Competition features the most compelling and influential design of the year. Prizes consist of gold and platinum awards, with winning entries published in the Poster Annual 2015. To submit your own work to the Poster Annual 2015 competition, click here.

Author: Rachel Lowry

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