Poster Annual 2021 Entries! Landor (US), Brand Directors (KR), and Tim Winter (US)

(Above, left) Designers Sumangla Bishnoi and Johan Boman from US design firm Landor creates, “Wanda 3.0: Beyond the Screen,” a series of designs for the annual Wanda event, an immersive experience including interactive art, and music. The image pulls behind a colorful curtain, inviting viewers to look “beyond the screen.” Previously winning Silver in the Graphis Poster Annual 2019, Landor believes in challenging perceptions and pushing the boundaries of design.

(Above, right) South Korean design firm, Brand Directors, enters their poster, “#Evil Spirit of Hashtag.” The designers Bomi Kim, Garam Lee, Jihye Son, Dasom Jung, Sewoon Moon, and Jinsoo Jeon, broke the type in frames to represent how fragmented the truth can be when seeking it online or through social media. This is their first time submitting to the Poster Annual. Brand Directors has won awards in our Design and Advertising Annuals, previously winning Platinum in the Graphis Advertising Annual 2019.

US designer, Tim Winter from Jay Advertising designs the above promotional poster, “Reflect’ Glass Show Poster,” for a glass art exhibition and fundraiser in New York. He incorporates an image of a glass sculpture and use its properties within the typography. Winter has been a consistent Gold and Silver winner in our Design, Advertising, and Poster Annuals. He successfully creates a promotional image that well represents the exhibition.

Today’s the Final Day to submit to the Poster Annual 2021! ENTER HERE

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