Poster Annual 2017 International Spotlight Submissions: Germany

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Graphis Master Gunter Rambow and Multi-Platinum award-winning designer Fons Hickmann, both based in Germany, keep submitting world-class posters. Above are two of some of their submissions to the 2017 Poster Annual Competition. Rambow’s poster (left) was created for Oper Frankfurt and Hickmann’s (right) was made for Semper Opera. To view more of Rambow’s work, see here; for Hickmann’s work, click here.

Also other designers from Germany with award-winning work in Graphis are Knut MaierhoferChristoph BeierMaria Tomeczek, Goetz Gramlich, Olav Jünke, Patricia BurgetsmeierPeter Kraemer, Ruth WeilerStefanie Pfeffer, amongst many others. See below.


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Design firm KMS TEAM GmbH designed “LICHTGESTALTEN” (above), a series of posters which won a Gold Award in our 2016 Poster Annual Competition.


Designer: Christoph Beier | Client: Finanz Informatik | Germany

A Platinum award-winner in the 2015 Design Annual, Christoph Beier designed “FI meets Thomas Huber” (above) for Finanz Informatik.

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