Photography: Peter Whyte & more from Australia

The two images above were shot by Hobart, Tasmania, Australia-based Photographer Peter Whyte. The image on the left, titled “The Art of Tea,” won a Gold Award in Photography Annual 2014, and the one beside it, titled “Chicken tagine,” won a Platinum Award in the same Annual.

The photograph above, submitted to our current Photography Annual 2018 competition, is part of a series shot by Jack Hawkins of Albert Park, VIC. The photograph was shot for Angove Family Winemakers in an effort to amplify “the Hopes End brand essence through the creation of a dark, intriguing and magnetic world that was both timeless and ultra-modern—hugely appealing to an audience who crave adventure and the thrill of the unknown.”

There isn’t much time to submit to the Photography Annual 2018 competition! The deadline is Tuesday, October 31, 2017. Enter while you still can!

Author: Graphis