Live Boldly in Blundstone with Naoto Ono

The discerning eye of Naoto Ono embraces a fine balance between timeless tradition and modern sensibilities shaping “Blundstone Boots Fall/Winter Campaign.” The result? Reaching beyond pure product imagery, he’s given a subtle nod to the adventure woven into each Blundstone boot.

By: Naoto Ono

Photography is about capturing a moment in time and transporting the viewer to another place, whether it is a physical location or a state of mind. Collaborating with the 150-year-old brand Blundstone Boots entails delivering on both fronts. Capturing tactile and functional visual information about their products while evoking a sense of adventure and desire to experience the world.

Blundstone Boots has a rich history in Australia and many other countries, but their introduction to the United States market is relatively recent. To connect with the adventure-seeking audience in the U.S., I was commissioned to bring the brand’s motto, “Live in my Blundstones” to life. This involved producing, filming, styling, and photography of various outdoor campaigns throughout the years.

Campaigns involved various outdoor adventures, from off-road journeys in Iceland to hiking the Nāpali Coast in Kauai, and even riding Ducati motorcycles across the Pacific Northwest. Throughout this artistic process, I gained insight into the brand’s visual language for capturing images and videos. This latest series was shot during a road trip across Norway’s expansive natural landscapes.

Effective planning was imperative given the remote locations for the campaign, which included glaciers (Nigardsbreen), Norway’s highest peak (Galdhøpiggen), and the world-renowned Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien). Due to potential adverse weather conditions appropriate backup equipment, art direction, and styling, as well as alternative locations, were key to executing this successful campaign shoot.

These campaigns have helped bring Blundstone boots to the forefront, thereby contributing to a substantial share of global sales. This is evident by The New York Times article published in early 2023 titled, “Have You Clocked These Boots? Every so often, a specific boot gets associated with a certain era. Will Blundstone’s Chelsea boots be the defining style of the early 2020s?” From hikers to artists to chefs and gardeners, the boots have become a staple for many. I look forward to what future adventure photography campaigns will bring.

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Author: Graphis