Photography: Bold Colors Set the Stage for Image Inspiration

Three photographers create artful images with a spectrum of new entries

Transforming photos of everyday objects into works of art can require an understanding of how the mundane can be seen in a new, provocative light. Some might capture a tulip in all its beauty, but few dare to juxtapose its delicate nature to something more extreme. Gregory Reid’s Gold-winning series Floral (ABOVE) dares to create an atmosphere where gorgeous flowers compete with a bold color background. Inherently, the subjects of the collection become more than just flora and fauna; it brings to the viewers attention the power and importance of color.


Similarly in NeonGlow_001 (ABOVE, LEFT), Joseph Saraceno allows primary color blocks to overtake the product he was commissioned to feature for Schon Magazine based in London. The sleek, chrome Givenchy lipstick stands tall atop a mini-stage of sorts, and competes with the walls’ hues. Saraceno used colored plexi and paper to set the scene for this striking geometric beauty editorial.
Sometimes, color can even set limitations for the photographer, and they say that limitations drive more freedom for the artist. In the Black Sesame series (ABOVE, RIGHT), Andrew Grinton challenged himself to “create a food series centered around the ingredient black sesame” and see how far one ingredient could take him across a multitude of baked goods. Set against a black background, unusually dark, gritty cake is highlighted by bright icing of various colors. Expectations are tested while appetites begin to grow.
With the use of bold color in our new entries, we’re certainly hungry to see more!

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Author: Graphis