Photography Annual 2014 Submission Spotlight:
Charit Pusiri – Remembrance Series

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Charit Pusiri – The Story That is Thailand

For those who find themselves before a photograph created by the illustrious Charit Pusiri, a story unfolds. Whether it’s a comically relatable axiom, or a hauntingly pungent commemoratory, one is sure to walk away with some new anecdotal trinket.

Pusiri’s recent “Remembrance” series — haunting in it’s elegant morbidity — offers just that. Through a technically impressive shooting of stills taken on a elaborate film set, the series salutes heroes from the past, reliving historical incidents that have made Thailand the culturally-rich, peaceful and prosperous country that it is today. Capturing the fierce bravery of the country’s forerunners, Pusiri’s images are intended to jolt the viewer out of their narcissism, and into an abiding, selfless pride in one’s country.

Charit_Pusiri_That Night

Remember, remember, is the call of the Thai photographer, who’s work begs the chilling question: Has the sacrifice of our ancestors been been for naught?


Included in the series is a somewhat disparate triptych entitled “Melt“: portraits of fellow countrymen and women oozing and dripping with a vividly colored substance. “Are these oddly beguiling, high-gloss images about the melting away of respect for authority figures?” asks asian art critic Max Crosbie-Jones in a recent blouinartinfo article.

For Pusiri, the “Melt” series was a tribute to the professionals that are currently sacrificing their lives protecting the South of Thailand from terrorists: “The melting portrays the loss of lives of each profession — solider, policeman, teacher, Buddhist monk, Islamic priest — who are continuously losing almost every day trying to protect their country,” Pusiri wrote to Graphis. 



Charit Pusiri has also submitted Quietest Car On Earth, which earned him a Gold in Graphis Advertising Annual 2013, in addition to Irresistible, Watching, Disastrous and Suffering Love.

Assignment: This assignment was to create an ad for the Toyota Prius in Thailand. As it is one fo the first hybrid cars to be sold in Thailand, the client would like to focus on its hybrid features. The goas was to show the audience the characteristics of this hybrid car in a creative, fun and unconventional way.

Results: The client loved the idea, because it is very easy to understand, fun and creative, and it makes their product seem more interesting and not focused too much on energy savings, which can be boring sometimes. With its humor and unconventionality, the ad could also make the younger generation interested in their product.


The Photography Annual 2014 competition features the most compelling and influential photography of the year. Prizes consist of gold and platinum awards, with winning entries published in the Photography Annual 2014.

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Photographer: Charit Pusiri
Advertising Agency: Charit Art Co., Ltd.
Title: ‘Quietest Car On Earth’ and ‘Ancestors’

Author: Rachel Lowry

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