Photo: Trevor Pearson & more from California, US

Los Angeles-based Photographer Trevor Pearson won a Platinum Award in Photography Annual 2016 for the stunning still life image above. Only one image in his remarkable series, Pearson headed “in a Flemish painterly direction with lush light, color, and contrast [that] complements the mood and brand of Iron and Resin,” his client.

Trevor Pearson Productions has shot for several huge clients, including Beats by Dre, Chevrolet, DirecTV, Visa, Volkswagen, and many more instantly recognizable names.


Graphis Master Laurie Frankel won Gold in Photography Annual 2017 for the emotional photograph above (left), shot for Thomas Keller’s Finesse Magazine. The particular article “covered Napa Valley artist and “Chicken Whisperer” Diane Bartholomew. Diane not only paints animals, but she cares for them, especially chickens and she gets to know them very well.” Frankel wasn’t always a photographer; she started out as a Laurie Frankel began her career as “an upscale retail graphic designer, art director, and ultimately creative director.”  However, “one day, looking at her two young sons, she decided life was too precious to deny one’s passions and switched to photography.” Now, Frankel regularly shoots for clients as diverse as Fresh, Serena and Lily Home Furnishings, Morgan Stanley, Target, Pampers, Enfamil, Coca Cola, Kraft Foods, Banana Republic, and Dockers.
The fascinating photograph to the right is a new entry submitted to our Photography Annual 2018 competition by Dan Winters, taken to promote Bladerunner. Winters is known for “the broad range of subject matter he is able to interpret,” and “he is widely recognized for his unusual celebrity portraiture, his scientific photography,  photo illustrations, drawings, and photojournalistic stories.”

The Photography Annual 2018 competition is still open for your entries. Submit your work by Tuesday, January 2!

Author: Graphis