Photo: Entries from ShuHui Yang & more from Eastern Asia

China-based Photographer ShuHui Yang impressed us with the Gold Award-winning image above, which was submitted to Photography Annual 2013. The photograph, titled “sheep,” illustrates her fascination with the transformation of light. A talented photographer who has over eight years of experience in Photography, Film, Design, Styling, Art Direction, Advertising and Marketing, Yang has won several industry awards and been featured in a number of exhibitions and publications.

The colorful tomato (left) was submitted as part of a series by Yagi Studio in Japan and won a Gold Award in Photography Annual 2016. The image beside it (right) was entered to our current Photography Annual 2018 competition by Kaito Yamaguchi of Osaka, Japan. According to Yamaguchi, “these works are aimed at advertisements of High-Fashion like VOGUE and High-Brand such as CHANEL” and he “took in Japanese original elements into [his] works.”

There are only a few weeks left to enter work to the Photography Annual 2018 competition! Submit your best work before it’s too late!

Author: Graphis