Photo: Platinum Winning Work by Michael Schoenfeld & a Gold Win by Christopher Wilson

Photography Annual 2019 was full of unique, innovative, and creative photographs that quickly capture the viewer’s imagination. One Platinum winner, Michael Schoenfeld, offered up “Marketing for Michael Schoenfeld 2018 Color” (ABOVE) which freezes a moment in history and preserves the passion felt at a protest. Schoenfeld wrote, “I believe all creativity centers around the the subject of intimacy that the artist experiences in the dance with their subject. It’s therefore very personal, and always says more about the artist than the subjects of the work.” We can certainly see how this work philosophy is reflected in his award-winning work.

Graphis Master Christopher Wilson also won Gold for his “1930 Harley Board Track Racer” (ABOVE). Shot for Wheels Through Time Magazine, this image brings together the nostalgia of this vintage race bike with the use of a great backdrop and precise lighting.

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