New Graphis Master: Photographer Parish Kohanim Featured in Journal issue #361

We’re excited to announce that Photographer Parish Kohanim is one of our newest Graphis Masters! We were thrilled to feature him in Issue #361, the latest issue of the Graphis Journal, which features an in-depth Q&A with this unique talent, and displays full pages of his wonderful photographs. In the interview we asked Parish:

What is your work philosophy?

Parish: Work passionately and commit to getting better each day. Don’t follow trends because they’re ephemeral. My goal in life, and in my career, has been to find my own path… where the masses go, I go the opposite direction and find my own way.  I focus mainly on being unique and curious and to exploring… these are the keys to being creative.

“Coleen” (ABOVE), a photo featured as a spread in Issue #361, is a wonderful example of how Parish creates a piece of fine art with his photography. Whether creating a period piece and or a conceptual exploration of the human form, Parish’s work is always evolving and adding beauty to the world. We are very proud to feature him and name him a Graphis Master!

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