Personality Over Polish: Design Gold Winning Work and New Entry

In a landscape where sleek, simplified, and modern sensibilities dominate the design market, sometimes less polish is the best thing you can do to stand out. Our designs this week exemplify that very idea, with model-created sculptures and purposefully worn packaging that give these designs a distinctive character.

This week’s Gold-winning Design 2023 entry comes from designers Connie Koch and Denise Sommer from Ahoy Studios, who have created a campaign for “The Muse Collection by V Starr for Wolf-Gordon” (above). In line with Wolf-Gordon’s mission to develop new work that is provocative, inspiring, and of our time, this new textile collection by Venus Williams inspired a promotional print advertising celebrating strong women of diverse backgrounds. In times when the human connection was rare, the designers wanted to bring the textiles to life by making human sculptures: ‘totems’ of the collection sculpted by their models. These sculptures were then set against dreamy landscapes, evoking women’s connection to nature. Through this, the designers achieved their goal of both showcasing the collection and keeping the human element in focus for their campaign. 

Our new entry this week is so packaging design collection from designer Antonio Rivera at CF Napa Brand Design for “Helmsman Ale House” (above). It was made for a new, nautical-themed restaurant and brewery in Newport Beach, one that CF Napa Brand Design was also given the opportunity to name. To tie in with the nautical theme, a weathered sailor was chosen to become the icon for the brand. His tenure steering at the helm made him become one with the ship, and his beard gradually morphs into tentacles that intertwine with the ship’s wheel. The helmsman icon and general packaging were also given a distressed texture, as if slowly faded by the salt water and wind one faces on a ship. All of these elements combine into a fun, recognizable nautical aesthetic.

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Author: Graphis