Packaging: New Entries from Tsushima Design and The Box Brand Design Limited

The latest entry for the Packaging 10 competition comes from Tsushima Design in Japan. Influenced by the idea that everything on the material is important, the agency developed branding and packaging design for bottles of sake. Entitled “TENMEI” (above), the five-part series utilizes a motif of the Japanese character ‘Ten.’ For their creative approach, they chose to add holes into the label, so that the consumer can view the clarity and freshness of the liquor. The sake also features a perforated label, which alludes to the history of Tenmei. With their entry, Tsushima Design create an intriguing and playful design for SAKE-SHOW YAMADA.

From Hong Kong, The Box Brand Design Limited was tasked with designing a new gum product line for their client Kiskis. The agency wanted the concept of the design to be both energetic and creative. In order to target Gen Z consumers, the agency created a packaging design that is youthful and appeals to the modern sense of individuality. Entitled “Kiskis Gum” (above), the design infuses graffiti culture and abstract art, which embraces the energy of the younger market. With their latest entry for Packaging 10, The Box Brand Design Limited develop a vibrant design that manipulates shape and color.

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