Over the Rainbow: Design 2023 Platinum Winning Work and New Entries

In some cases, a limited color palette may be best for creating a cohesive, clean design. But in other cases, a lot of colors might just be the perfect thing to make a design pop. This week, our selected designs show how just the right mix can take a design over the rainbow and beyond.

Our platinum-winning design from our 2023 Design Awards comes from a design firm that’s no stranger to us, Stranger & Stranger. Distilled using botanicals from the Philippines, the packaging for “Santa Ana Gin” (above) seeks to transport you to the dancehalls of the 1920s and the legendary Santa Ana Cabaret in Manila. The vibrant blue of the bottle serves as a sparkling backdrop to the colorful flora and fauna nestled comfortably on the label, while the numerous gold accents give it that extra touch of glamour and mysticism. 

Our new entry comes from designers Chan Chi Lung Tse and Bethany Lok-yee Li Ching from the Hong Kong-based company TSL Group Creative, the creative division of Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (International) Limited. This design for their “TSL Annual Report 2021/22” (above) is meant to embody the concept of the journey of discovery. Using an evolving pattern of shapes, sizes, colors, and tones, the designers visually denote the company’s progress over the years and establish a vibrant welcoming approach to all that lies ahead. The result is a visually intriguing expression of blocks or stepping stones on a path to tomorrow that delivers a new vibrancy to what might otherwise be a rather standard corporate document.

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Author: Graphis