Oats and Boats: Latest Packaging 10 Competition Entries

How do we package food? In today’s submissions for our Packaging 10 Competition, two design firms capture the intricate process that goes into advertising classic food products for a new and modern audience. 

In “Quaker Oat Congee” (above), PepsiCo Design & Innovation were tasked with designing the packaging for an on-the-go breakfast bar infused with traditional Chinese herbs. On the design process, PepsiCo shared that the firm’s biggest challenge was figuring out a way to package what they called “1000 years of Chinese tradition” into a grab-and-go breakfast bar for modern consumers. The solution was found in pharmacies and herbal stores, where PepsiCo’s designers took aesthetic inspiration from authentic and traditional medicines. The end result is a marriage between old Chinese visuals and current contemporary design. 

When explaining the final product, PepsiCo shared that their packaging relied on “modern, reductive illustrations of [their] ingredients layered with textures and symbols from traditional Chinese medicine.” Ultimately they created a perfectly packaged, pastel breakfast bar that promotes wellness and tradition through a “visual language that is quintessentially Chinese.” 

“Bumble Bee Seafoods” (above) takes a different route, with design firm BexBrands opting for “sharp, high-impact photography” as the package’s focal point. Under the creative direction of Jeremy and Becky Nelson Dahl, art director Molly Mann and designer Aaron Bueg were able to create a “bold and delicious” design to sell Bumble Bee Seafoods’ new line of flavors. The group shared that they wanted to remain loyal to the brand’s original tone while still adding a modern touch for new consumers. The end result was a striking series with similar typography and colors to past iterations, but is modernized through a new lighthouse logo and added textures to enhance the brand’s overall sophistication.

To submit your own designs for our Package 10 competition, visit graphis.com for more information. 

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