Nudes5: Brian Cummings, Kimberly Lennex & more from the Midwest

Photographer Brian Cummings of St Louis, MO shot the above portrait (left) as part of a series titled “The Tower Sessions.” Cummings details his sessions by saying “each model was photographed in a private hour session, similar to their tattoo session. I talked with the model about their ink, it’s importance and meaning to them,” after which he would start the session.

The Gold Award-winning photograph beside it was shot by Kimberly Lennex of Elamora Studio in Ferndale, MI.

The above photograph, titled “Bauyancy,” was entered by Saritdikhun Somasa and shot using a Canon EOS Rebel. By taking this photo, she “amplified the flow of geometric lines through figure gesture.”

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Author: Graphis