Nudes5: Brian Cummings, Howard Schatz & More

Our Nudes 5 competition is still open for submissionsYou can submit any work you have before the deadline on October 3, 2017. All of the images shown in today’s blog are submissions to the competition.

Above we have The Tower Sessions (left) from Brian Cummings of St Louis, Missouri for his client Tower Classic Tattooing, and he featured a series of all their artists’s working portfolios. Take a look at our website to see more of his work. Next to it is Anthology by Howard Schatz of Sherman, Connecticut, with the female form cast in a chrome and statuesque-like light, celebrating the body as a work of art.


Above, we have the aptly titled “Line” by Thomas Hammel of San Francisco, California, who used a Rolleiflex 2.8D, Tri-X, focusing on the boundaries of our bodies and how they interact with one another. Finally, we have “Revolution” by Douglas Stratton of Atlanta, Georgia who used a Canon for his stunningly gorgeous series of photographs.
You still have some time to enter your work into the Nudes 5 competition! The earlier you enter, the higher your chances for getting exposure on your blog and social media platforms.
Author: Graphis