Nudes 5 CFE Submissions: United States


The Nudes 5 Competition is open for entries! Based in California, Graphis Master joSon shot the above photograph, which won a Gold Award in the 2012 Photography Annual. Click here for more of his outstanding work. Other photographers from America who submitted nudes include Mark Stetler, Bill Diodato, Rosanne Olson, Joseph E. Reid, Craig Colvin and Erik Almas, among others. See below to view some of their work.

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Graphis Master Bill Diodato from New York took the above photograph (left), which won a Platinum Award in the 2004 Photography Annual. Mark Stetler‘s photograph (right), titled “Yu Di Seated,” won a Gold Award in the 2016 Photography Annual.


Craig Colvin from California took the above photograph, titled “Rainbow Hills,” which won a Silver Award in the 2016 Photography Annual. 

Do you have a photograph you might want to enter? We encourage everyone of all skill levels and experience to submit to our competition.

Author: Graphis