SVA Student’s Colorful Guide to Foundational Typefaces

By: Suin Choi, Student, School of Visual Arts

I created a collection of type specimen booklets based on six foundational typefaces. Each booklet provides comprehensive information about a specific typeface and is designed to look like part of a unified system. Readers can find information that includes various styles and weights, different sizes, examples of the typeface in use, and the typeface’s history and designer. 

I studied and researched six basic fonts and organized the content included in the booklet. I designed the layout to showcase each typeface effectively and allow readers to enjoy the diverse colors. Furthermore, I aimed to create a series of vibrant and charming booklets, making them a pleasure to own. To achieve this, I matched vivid and pastel colors and used repeated colors to convey a sense of series continuity.  Additionally, on the first cover, I added playful elements like two leers hanging together or placed side by side for visual interest. 

The layout of the initial booklet felt inconsistent. Listening to the advice of my professor, Pedro, I learned how to create a design system. I developed a more straightforward and distinctive system for the type specimen booklets by experimenting with various layouts. 

While studying design and typography, I’ve realized that continuously paying attention to detail and consistency is crucial. This process not only refines the design but also enhances its functionality and aesthetic appeal. I believe that creating good design through this detailed and consistent approach makes the world of a designer both enjoyable and rewarding. This project has inspired me to continue exploring various design approaches and to apply these principles to future projects, ensuring that each design is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Suin Choi is a graphic designer from Seoul based in New York. She spends time diving into the details of design and exploring different approaches. She loves what she creates, and that passion drives her to always give her best. She is constantly learning and growing, eager to expand her design thinking and make even beer packaging designs.

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Author: Graphis