Typography’s Rising Star: Poornima Verma’s ‘Furry Type’

How often do you come across a typeface that truly grabs your attention, redefines design norms, and simultaneously is a delightful treat to your aesthetic senses? Meet “Furry Type,” a font design that masterfully treads the line between professionalism and playfulness, scooping a prestigious New Talent 2023 Platinum Award for Typography. This unique creation springs from the imaginative mind of Poornima Verma, a diligent and gifted student at M.AD School of Ideas Wynwood, alongside the stewardship of Professor Carlos Roncajolo. In a stunning blend of creativity and skill, Poornima caught the design jury’s eye with her award-winning typeface. Walk with us into the furry, fun world of Poornima’s innovative font design that promises to redefine our perception of typography.

By: Poornima Verma

Hey there! I’m excited to present “Furry Type”, a captivating and innovative typography design that combines professionalism and playfulness. I meticulously crafted this font during my time at the M.AD School of Ideas Wynwood. The goal was to create letters that genuinely stand out while providing a fun user experience. Drawing inspiration from my personal obsession with fur, “Furry Type” adds an element of comfort and cuteness to any text it is applied to.

What makes “Furry Type” truly special is its versatility. It’s suitable for a wide range of brands and industries. Whether in the pet industry, running an educational institution, or managing a pet-friendly café, this font brings a unique and captivating visual identity to your project. It’s designed to spark joy and capture attention, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Creating “Furry Type” started with a simple idea: I began experimenting with the letter F. I discovered that infusing this letter with a not-so-usual form made it visually intriguing and fun to work with. Motivated by my passion for typography and guided by the encouragement of my professors, I delved deeper into the project, expanding this concept to encompass the entire alphabet.

Crafting each letter of “Furry Type” was a meticulous process. Using Photoshop, I paid careful attention to every detail, ensuring that each stroke captured the essence of fur while maintaining legibility and professionalism. The result is a font that is as visually appealing as it is functional.

It’s important to note that “Furry Type” was not developed for any specific client; it was born out of my personal passion for design. I can’t wait to unveil this font to the world and see the reactions from everyone who can use it. I’m confident “Furry Type” will make a lasting impression, bringing a delightful touch to any design project it graces.

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Author: Graphis