Game-Changing Publication Design Tackles the Baltimore Ravens’ Season

In the grand stadium of design, where each season brings a fresh line-up of players, 2023 has uncovered a talented rookie. Direct from the University of North Texas, one creator executed a design playbook that brings the Baltimore Ravens’ 2019-2020 season roaring to life. With every page akin to a strategic play call, this innovative season publication redefines the boundaries of the field, promising a future where creativity and sport intertwine in the most dynamic ways. Ready for the kickoff? Read on.

By: John Paul Nguyen

For this class assignment, we were asked to create a publication design document for corporate, retail, non-profit, or publishing industries. Within this framework, my focus was directed toward the Baltimore Ravens, selected as the central theme of this publication. Extensive research into both the team and the industry informed the creative brief while also shaping the strategic goals that guided my creative direction. The primary aim was to construct an elevated publication encapsulating the essence of the Ravens’ 2019-2020 season. After researching the team and the industry, I set out to design a more upscale, collectible publication for serious Baltimore Ravens fans.

The preliminary stages encompassed conceptual sketches, where the very format of the publication was envisioned, encompassing considerations of size, materials, and configuration. This was followed by a meticulous ideation process, exploring different design directions, some rooted in modern aesthetics while others echoing back to more traditional motifs. Through iterative cycles of feedback, I was able to fuse the best elements from both design paradigms. A well-defined pagination structure was established, delineating content organization across spreads such as weekly intros, quotes, and highlights of each game. This provided a bird’s-eye view of the comprehensive layout system.

A central aspect of creation involved exploring innovative ways to interplay player imagery with typographic elements alongside the placement of hierarchical layers of typography. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, including annual reports and multimedia formats, I infused the publication with intricate nuances, precisely crafting typography and line work and bridging traditional design elements with contemporary aesthetics. Statistical data was drawn from ESPN scoreboards, which lent authenticity to the content.

The results were set out with sophisticated typography, dramatic scale shifts, and fine linear details combined with dynamic sports photography to create an elevated publication. As the structures of each layout were made, this helped set the foundation for the rest of the publication, rendering the Ravens’ 17-week football journey.

John Paul Nguyen is a senior at the University of North Texas specializing in Communication Design with a focus on Graphic Design. He is passionate and driven, eager to bring his creativity and innovative ideas to the table. John Paul actively seeks opportunities to grow and make a difference in the world of design, combining technical proficiency with a deep understanding of user-centric design to create captivating visuals that effectively communicate messages and ideas. When not immersed in design, you’ll likely spot him in the company of cats, at the gym, or reading his favorite novel.

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Author: Graphis