New Talent : Syracuse University Professor Mel White is a Revelation

Syracuse professor Mel White pushes her students to new heights of excellence

Professor Mel White of Syracuse University has worked with student Lauren Renz to create a simplistic yet artfully tasteful representation of furnishing a new home. Utilizing a wickedly smart approach to packaging, Professor White and her student showcased to prospective consumers the easy ways in which IKEA could bring furniture to your home. As simple as a paper airplane that flies through your door, IKEA’s flat-packed furniture can simply be slipped into any ol’ room. No wonder A Little Fold Makes All the Difference is a Gold winner.

Mel White continues on her parade of inspiration via her work with student Keren Mevorach, entitled The Ocean Cleanup Campaign (ABOVE). The environmental campaign posits that due to the abundance of plastic in the ocean, we may very well soon have no marine life whatsoever. Using a myriad of plastic products, Professor White and her student recreated the most iconic marine life as they would appear if they were made of plastic. It’s a heart-wrenching approach that is hard to overcome. Hopefully consumers will begin feeling the same way too.
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Author: Graphis