New Talent: Phil Bekker, Lynda Green & more from Art Institute of Atlanta

The entry above (left) was submitted to the New Talent Annual 2016 competition by Professor Phil Bekker and his student, Manuela Montanez. The image is part of a Platinum Award-winning series, which was created as part of her Specialization Portfolio for her BFA Photographic Imaging Program.

The image beside it was submitted to this year’s competition by Professor Lynda Green and student Katiah Byrd. The aim was to “create a portrait using color gels,” and the result was a “dramatic yet somewhat melancholy portrait.”


The portrait above (left) was a Platinum Award Winner in our New Talent Annual 2016 competition. Entered by Ashley Lamour from Phil Bekker‘s class, the photograph was the result of an assignment to ” interior portrait in a mode of transportation, which included a narrative.” Beside it is another current entry from Lynda Green‘s class, shot by student Aboubacar Kante as an assignment to photography “an athlete in a high key situation to bring out the form of the subject.”

There isn’t much time left to submit to the New Talent Annual 2018 competition! The deadline is Tuesday, November 21. Enter your work before it’s too late!

Author: Graphis