New Talent Annual Spotlight Submission:
Professor: Bill Oberlander, Student: Sooyoung Jeon and Rina Joonwon Lee

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Sooyoung Jeon and Rina Joonwon Lee — Simplicity in Advertising

Three seconds. It’s all it takes to understand the message of Sooyoung Jeon and Rina Joonwon Lee’s ‘Scotch Lint Roller’ ads. Understated and simple, the ad powerfully showcases Scotch’s lint roller as a product that cleans immaculately. On anything.

Students of School of Visual Arts Professor Bill Oberlander, Sooyoung and Rina’s recent submission of these advertising designs to the upcoming New Talent Annual 2014 are yet another testament to the promise shown by the rising generation of designers.

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Professor Oberlander teaches juniors and seniors advertising concept — strategic planning, account management, departmental disciplines, media planning — at the School of Visual Arts. He claims to be not in the advertising business, but in the reinvention business. Bill has worked on a myriad of impressive advertising campaigns, including Snapple, Intel, Target, Nikon and Motorola, among others.

Submissions to our upcoming New Talent Annual 2014 competition are rolling in. Join our team and submit your work for a chance to be featured among the most compelling and influential work from designers across the world. To submit your work to the New Talent Annual 2014 competition, click here.

To check out more work by Sooyoung Jeon, click here. To check out more work by Rina Joonwon Lee, click here.

Professor: Bill Oberlander
Designers: Sooyoung Jeon, Rina Joonwon Lee
Category: Advertising
Title: ‘Scotch Lint Roller’

Author: Rachel Lowry

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