New Talent Annual Spotlight Submission:
Professor Jack Mariucci, Student Jeong Eun Park

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Jeong Eun Park — Nissan Leaf

100% Electric. 100% Environmental. The Nissan Leaf is nearly transparent, in terms of ecological footprint. Such is the message Jeong Eung Park’s recent Nissan Leaf, a prime example of coherent, visually compelling advertising.

Under the direction of School of Visual Arts professor Jack Mariucci, Park’s work demands a second glance, purely for it’s appealing imagery and high-quality photography.

The ad has been submitted to our upcoming New Talent Annual 2014.

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Professor Mariucci hails from the San Francisco Academy of Art. He currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts, drawing upon a lifetime of design experience with accounts such as Hershey’s, Volkswagen, IBM, Polaroid and many more.

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Professor: Jack Mariucci
Designer: Jeon Eung Park
Category: Advertising
Title: ‘Nissan Leaf’

Author: Rachel Lowry

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