New Talent Annual Spotlight Submission:
Professor Peter Ahlberg, Student Jisun Lee

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Beyond the Menu

People don’t buy food; they buy experiences. And in the restaurant industry, a positive restaurant experience can be the differentiator between Starbucks and “some coffee shop down the street.”

Jisun Lee’s Mae Un Brewery branding is an exemplary model of smart design that facilitates a positive restaurant experience. Under the direction of School of Visual Arts professor Peter Ahlberg, Lee’s playful, sparing black and white motif gives the brewery a traditional bistro look with a quirky, bohemian twist.

The designs have been submitted to our upcoming New Talent Annual 2014.

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Peter J. Ahlberg is a creative director and professor of Graphic Design and Visual/Critical Studies at the School of Visual Arts.

Submissions to our upcoming New Talent Annual 2014 competition are rolling in. Join our team and submit your work for a chance to be featured among the most compelling and influential work from designers across the world. To submit your work to the New Talent Annual 2014 competition, click here.

Professor: Peter Ahlberg
Designer: Jisun Lee
Category: Branding
Title: ‘Mae Un Brewery’

Author: Rachel Lowry

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