New Talent Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: Syracuse University

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Professor: Mel White | Students: Kate Degen and Doug Knopf | School: Syracuse University


Professor Mel White from Syracuse University has inspired outstanding work from her students for the 2016 Graphis New Talent Annual. Kate Degen and Doug Knopf created “Copywriter” as an advertisement for GoPro that targets millennials, including college students, young professionals and athletes.

Other submissions from Syracuse University include another of Mel White’s students, Kate Sheehan, who created “Finish Jet Dry” in order to illustrate Finish Jet Dry’s real-world effectiveness in a surprising way.


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Professor: Mel White | Student: Kate Sheehan | School: Syracuse University


The Graphis New Talent Competition features some of the most compelling and influential design of the year from across the world. Gold and Platinum awards, along with winning entries, will be published in the New Talent Annual 2016.

Author: Graphis