New Talent Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: Art Center College of Design and California State University, Fullerton

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Left: Professor: Gerardo Herrera | Student: Benjamin Schwartz | School: Art Center College of Design Right: Professor: Brad Bartlett | Student: Cynthia Lou | School: Art Center College of Design


Benjamin Schwartz from Professor Gerardo Herrera’s class at the Art Center College of Design created “Santa Barbara Zoo Calendar of Events” in order to design an identity system for the zoo. In addition, Cynthia Lou from Professor Brad Bartlett’s class created “Chroma Center – Glow: A Retrospective,” to design a transmedia identity system that lives across multiple media touchpoints.

Professor Theron Moore’s student Liana Cervantes from California State University, Fullerton created “Walden Book Cover and Collateral,” inspired by the changing of the seasons.


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Professor: Theron Moore | Student: Liana Cervantes | School: California State University, Fullerton

The Graphis New Talent Competition features some of the most compelling and influential design of the year from across the world. Gold and Platinum awards, along with winning entries, will be published in the New Talent Annual 2016. 

Author: Graphis