New Talent Annual 2014 Platinum Winner Spotlight: Professor Nic Taylor, Student Dominika Kramerova

Professor: Nic Taylor | Student: Dominika Kramerova | Title: Bjork Discography

Dominika Kramerova — Bjork Discography

Dominika Kramerova, who studied under professor Nic Taylor at the School of Visual Arts, received a Platinum award for her “Bjork Discography” design. Additional Platinum winning
Professors from the School of Visual Arts include Paul Sahre, Shawn Hasto, Louise Fili, 
Carin Goldberg
 and Bill Oberlander.
Their students are Sherry Hsin-Ting Kuo, Ella Laytham, Ben Grandgenett, Sooyoung Jeon and Rina Joonwon Lee.

Kramerova combined all of the styles of Bjork’s music and translated it into visual language, she wrote in the credits & commentary section of the New Talent Annual 2014. The style of Bjork’s music ranges from alternative rock, jazz, electronic dance music, classical to avant-garde, according to Kramerova. To view more of Kramerova’s work, click here.

Professor: Claudia de Almeida | Student: Daniel Rodriguez | Title: MuseoDelBarrio

Before Nic Taylor joined the School of Visual Arts, he worked as creative director for G2 Branding & Design. He began his career with an internship at Chermayeff & Geismar
(now Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv). After that, he worked as an art director with Publicis Groupe and as senior art director at Regan Books, which closed in 2007.

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Author: Matt Castello

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