New Talent 2021 Entries Blend New and Old Aesthetics

Two new entries to our New Talent 2021 Competition bring together the vintage aesthetics of the past with a taste of modernity in their work.

Student Dmitri Ferreira from the Portfolio Center school presents the “Seeking Solace Chair,” (above) a Modernist-designed piece with functionality in mind. Under the supervision of Professor Hank Richardson, Dmitri draws on his past experiences with anxiety as a youth to inspire the design. The chair is one solid wood piece, lacking in any visible gaps. The arms of the chair curve upward and outward, giving the piece a welcoming feel, like the arms of an inviting embrace. Dmitri’s project embraces the influence of the older Vorticism art movement and blends it carefully with a modern functionality and his present experiences.

Tasked with the mission of rebranding an existing business by professor Eric Baker, new talent Junyu Chen from the School of Visual Arts presents their new design for the New York-based Mexican restaurant, Chavela’s. “Chavela’s Restaurant Rebranding” (above) presents another chic, minimalistic style, but with a vintage flair. The vintage-style keys present in the menu, seasoning bottles, and business cards represent the Spanish word “chavela.”

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