Futuristic and Vintage Packaging Styles are Entered into the Packaging 10 Competition

Designers Gaowei Xin, Cuipeng, Yuerong Liu, and Yuru Wang with their client, Hangzhou Fousu New Material Technology Co., Ltd created sock packaging that is natural, sustainable, degradable, and reduces environmental pollution. Fousu company is a textile enterprise; in the early days of this project, they had found that carbon has a good function in the research of antibacterial materials. With that in mind, Xin, Cuipeng, Liu, and Wang started from the carbon and put forward the concept of “Carbon Cotton Technology.” 

To distinguish their design(above), “FOUSU CC SOCKS,” from similar sock packaging on the market, they made clear that their goal was to embody the concept of technology, future, and environmental protection through packaging. FOUSU CC SOCKS uses unique die-casting technology in order to create sock packaging that is practical and can be used as a daily storage box for multi-functional applications. 

In contrast, designer Molly Mann, for her client Bumble Bee, developed a packaging design for Bumble Bee’s Snow’s Clam Chowder. Mann was asked to design the packaging for Snow’s Clam Brand in that Bumble Bee had purchased the chowder and were in need of a rebrand. Initially, on purchase of the chowder, the client had reinvented the recipe and rebranded the chowder; but customers immediately noted these differences and profits declined. In hiring Mann, Bumble Bee asked for zero presence of themselves in the branding and for the packaging to have a homemade feel. 

The label of the can(above), resonates with posters from the 30’s and 40’s with its bold lettering and colors. Additionally, the background of the label has a parchment paper look, giving the label even more of a flair of vintage.

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Submissions close December 1, 2020!!

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