New Talent: Kelly Holohan & More, Temple University

Today, we are setting our sights on submissions to our New Talent 2018 Annual competition from Temple University by Professors Kelly Holohan and Joe Scorsone. Their students, both undergraduate and graduate, churned out stunning work for their thesis projects.

The paper dolls in the featured images, aptly named “War Dolls,” was created by Laura Sutphen, whose work has been submitted before, for her graduate thesis under Holohan. Each doll, four in total, was based on famous women who hid their identities to fight in causes they believed in at the risk of their lives and being discovered before they were allowed to enlist in the military. The packaging for each one details their biography from reasons to why they chose to serve and post-military life.
For her senior thesis project, Leilei Lu developed an animation of an app called “Today, No Way” that was inspired by the Chinese lunar calendar. This particular calendar not only lists Chinese holidays, solar dates, and the date, but it also lists auspicious days for all sorts of important events, like which days would be best to hold a wedding, meeting a friend, or deciding on dates best for moving, and more. The gorgeously clean and detailed video can be watched through the link.
Lastly, under Scorsone, graduate student Krissy Beck designed a clever board game for an educational game assignment, called OUTAGE: Don’t Let the Grid Go Down. Collaborating with her fiancé, an electrical engineer, Beck made the user responsible over a power company providing the needs of a city while educating them about electrical substations.
The deadline for New Talent 2018 is October 31, 2017. Mark your calendars and submit the best work you have!
Author: Graphis