New Profound Posters from Chikako Oguma, Wesam Mazhar Haddad, Luis Antonio Rivera Rodriguez, and Carmit Makler Haller

For the Protest Posters 2 competition, Japanese designer, Chikako Oguma has submitted the poster she created for the Earth is a Friend Exhibition. Titled, “Sustainable World” (above, left), she uses the words ‘toward a sustainable future’ to express the main theme of the poster and exhibit. The colorful spheres and the bold type on the poster call attention to the message of the poster.

Designer Wesam Mazhar Haddad, from the U.S., develops a creative image for what he thinks is the real virus during the ongoing pandemic. In “Media-Corona ‘The Real Virus'” (above, right), Haddad points out the dangers of the spread of misinformation about Covid-19, and how these dangers spread quicker than the virus itself. Microphones are put together to resemble the look of the virus.

War and terrorism are tackled in Luis Antonio Rivera Rodriguez’s entry, “NEVER HAPPEN” (above, left). Rodriguez’s posters often deal with social and political issues. For this entry, the Mexican designer designs a striking visual of a grenade made of human bones against a bold red. The poster sends a clear message about terrorism and it’s victims.

Last, we have a poster from Carmit Makler Haller from the U.S. “I Can’t Breathe” (above, right) is a powerful image that states the last words of George Floyd, whose death sparked Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality and racism. The words fade to represent the final moments of his breath leaving him.

Make a stand with your social/political posters in the Protest Posters 2 today!

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