Neat Norway Design: Strømme Throndsen Design Featured in Graphis Journal #373

This Oslo-based Graphis Master design studio specializes in packaging with a look and feel that, while classic, is anything but cliche.

Strømme Throndsen Design was established by Morten Throndsen and Dagheid Strømme in 1995, focusing on packaging design and brand development. Today they lead one of Norway’s leading design studios, with nine employees. Their mix of young, promising, skilled, and award-winning concept designers, packaging designers, and logo designers, in combination with consultants with customer experience, make them a strong team. They are ambitious and demanding, both on behalf of themselves and on behalf of their customers.

Strømme Throndsen Design’s diverse team spans creative fields and generations to create some of the best packaging and branding designs Norway has to offer. With typography-focused solutions featuring occasional accents of simple color and imagery, Strømme Throndsen Design always manages to preserve its own unmistakable brand while also enthusiastically adapting to each client’s specific needs. As Greg Tsaknakis, designer for Mousegraphics, says, “I believe their work is remarkable for its distinguished, consistent identity and its true voice of clarity. This is no small achievement in the rather noisy world of design.”

Here’s a snippet from Strømme Throndsen Design’s interview:

What inspired or motivated you in your career?

Anne Sofie Bakke (A.S.B.): The constant need to do something creative. With some knowledge in art and illustration, I wanted to get a wider experience in the creative field. I have always been drawn to design in a physical/tactile way; that’s why I ended up doing graphic/packaging design.

Kirsti Mathisen (K.M.): I’ve always loved being creative, and being able to bring creativity into my everyday work life has always been a dream. When I started studying graphic design, I knew from the very start that this was the right career path for me.

What is your work philosophy?

K.M.: Have great teamwork. Use creativity to inspire, communicate, and make a positive change.

What is it about design that you are most passionate about?

A.S.B.: Composition and color in combination with typography.

K.M.: The power of communication through design.

What is your favorite type of design work to do?

A.S.B.: Packaging design.

K.M.: Identity and packaging design.

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Author: Graphis