Natural Beauty: Latest Packaging 10 Competition Entries

These new Packaging 10 Entries remind us of the beauty of the natural world. Whether it be gorgeous cherry blossoms or unique-looking seashells, these designs are only helping these products rise in popularity!

Ying Hua Qing Su Gift Box” (above) was designed by Jin Zhang and Ru Jun for Wuhan Yuanyeqi Food Company for their seasonal cherry-flavored cakes. These special pastries are released every year during March, which is Wuhan’s short-lived cherry blossom season. Zhang and Jun chose to design this packaging to emulate “cherry blossoms on the lake” as it’s one of the most beautiful visuals of the season. To do that, they created a beautiful inner packaging design that can be folded into the shape of cherry blossoms to match up with the blue bottom of the box, made to match the aesthetic feeling of “cherry blossoms on the lake”. In order to capture the culture of Wuhan, the designers also chose to include some of the city’s most famous landmarks. This includeed East Lake Tower, Yellow Crane Tower, and Jianghan Pass, which are all shown with spring vitality and local characteristics.

As these cherry pastries are the most popular hand gift of the season, Zhang and Jun made sure the box could serve as a momento for this special time. Once the recipient has finished eating the delicious cakes inside, this box can be turned into a decoration that will be cherished for all time. This past March was the first year Wuhan Yuanyeqi Food Company used Zhang and Jun’s unique design. It was evidently a great success, as the cakes sold out very quickly and the company soon ran out of supplies.

Similarly, “YiZhou XO Sauce” (above), designed by Xing Liu and Hui Li for Shenzhen Whale Food Technology Co., was made to invoke a love for the uniquely flavored XO Sauce. First created in Hong Kong in the 1980s, XO Sauce has become a beloved condiment by a wide variety of people for many years. Made from specially selected ham, large dried scallops, and authentic dried sea shrimp, this sauce is very distinguished among others as no other flavors can compare to it despite the fact that the ingredients of the sauce sometimes change. To make a package design that could fully embody XO Sauce, Liu and Li designed an image of a seashell along with a container covered in black heat-shrinkable matte film. The film was used to give the packaging an elegant appeal, while the seashell serves to indicate the flavors one can expect when breaking into the delicious sauce. Already on the market in Guangdong, China, consumers can try out the sauce and its very unique packaging for themselves.

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