Mystical Methods: Poster Annual 2022 Silver Winners & Poster Annual 2023 Entries

With a variety of designs that include silver award winners from last year and brand new entries, we can’t wait to share with you what our wonderful designers have submitted. These designs bring a sense of creativity that is truly inspiring!

The Integrity of Joseph Chambers” (above, left) was designed by Nick Mendoza for 433 Pictures’ new film of the same name. The film follows an insurance salesman named Joseph Chambers, who, in a desperate attempt to acquire the skills necessary to provide for his family in the case of an apocalypse, goes hunting for the first time all by himself. After his friend falls ill and can’t attend the hunting trip, Joseph Chambers goes through with it anyway and accidentally kills a man. The rest of the film shows Chambers as he grapples with the guilt of his actions. For the design, Mendoza chose to take the hunter, Chambers, and turn him into the hunted. To accomplish this, the designer placed a deer’s head on Chambers’ body to create an intriguing half person, half animal look. The client loved the design, and was very excited to submit it with the film to a variety of film festivals all over the world. Keep an eye out for this movie, which is set to be released in Spring 2023.

In a design that brings us into the unknown, Ivan Kashlakov‘s “Outer Space” (above, right) was created for the Poster Stellars 1st Intercontinental Poster Competition. One of the competition’s themes, “Outer Space”, was perfect for this piece. Kashlakov, like many people, is fascinated by outer space and wanted to depict how he sees it: something bold, mystical, and transformative. The poster won Silver in its category and was displayed alongside forty-five other posters at the Galleria WIT Warsaw in Poland, which was organized by Anna Klos; Wesam Mazhar Haddad took care of the United States display.

Ein Namenloses Konzert (Concert Without a Name)” (above, left) was designed by Naoyuki Fukumoto of Imageon Co., LTD. for a piano concert put on by the Tomizawa Music School. The poster itself was displayed at the venue and related facilities one month before the concert was to take place in order to advertise for the event. Fukumoto tried to express the lightness and fragility of music by overlapping the figure of a bird’s feather with a piano keyboard. The poster also featured a vivid blue and green color palette, which was very successful in raising the expectations of the attendees of the concert and helped this work win silver in our 2022 Poster Annual.

Another 2022 silver winner is “ASU Design Lecture Series” (above, right), which was created by Danielle Foushée for the ASU Design School’s lecture series and was seen hanging throughout the design school and outside in the courtyard in banner form. This served as a way to remind the students to attend the upcoming event. The actual design of the poster uses a variety of squares and boxes stacked in different sizes and configurations, which plays off of the actual architectural design of the school building. The creative color palette works to counteract the basic shapes to add a dynamic quality that is distinctly reflective of the Sonoran Desert. The design was a huge success, with many students commenting that it immediately grabbed their attention, even when surrounded by other posters.

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Author: Graphis