Masters Series: Dan Cosgrove

xxxxx Illustrator: Dan Cosgrove | Clients: Canada By Air and Cunard

Dan Cosgrove’s vibrant, iconic poster art has become distinctly Cosgrove. While he is Chicago-based, his work has been viewed by international readers of the Wall Street journal, Texas Monthly and the New York Times, as well as passerby’s at Amtrak and Southwest Airlines and consumers of Sunkist, Toyota and Kraft foods Inc. It has been been displayed on ads, posters, packages and annual reports, among others.

He majored in graphic design at the University of Cincinnati, where he became interested in illustration that incorporates type. He went on to work at the National Park Service in Denver and as a designer with Cato Johnson in Cincinnati, before moving to Chicago as a freelancer.

Mr. Cosgrove and his wife now live in Clarendon Hills, Illinois. He works alongside painters, dancers, musicians and instrument makers in The Fine Arts Building just blocks from the Chicago Art Institute. You can see more of his stamps at You can see more of his work at here.

85 Design Firm: Dan Cosgrove

He is a Graphis Illustration Master. His Mackinac Bridge won a Platinumin the Poster Annual 2011, in addition to his Gold-winning Bixby Bridge. He helped illustrate these Annual Reports, as well as Travel Posters, an advertisement for Cunard.

Author: Rachel Lowry

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