LogoDesign9 CFE: Switzerland

Above and below are logo designs from Switzerland:

1.  Nadine Kamber from Definitiv Design created a logo for HPS (Heilpädagogische Schule Bern).
2.  Stephan Bundi from Atelier Bundi AG designed a logo for their client Amis Biel.
3.  Mattia Conconi, Axel De Macq, Fritz Gottschalk and Sascha Lötscher from Gottschalk+Ash Int’l designed a logo for Barbara Meili.
LOGO 9-6 2 3 992

3.  David Büsser designed a logo for his client Consor Software Engineering.
4.  Muriel Currat from to loom GmbH designed a logo for kleidermachen GmbH.
5.  Peter Frey from PFG&K created a logo for their client Karussell. See below for more!

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Author: Graphis