Limited Time: Logo/Letterhead9 for $36 (70% off)

For a limited time only, Graphis Logo/Letterhead9 is available for $36 (70% off)!

Logo Platinum Award Winners include Capital Imaging, Jaque – Business Consultants, El Paso, Galeria de Comunicacion, Riise Marketing, Selman Design, jones knowles ritchie, COLLINS, Bailey Lauerman, SML Design, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Design Studio, Studio International, Level Design Group, Roger Archbold, and Ventress Design Works, among others.
Letterhead Platinum Award Winners include A3 Design, Kevin Cantrell Studio, RBMM, Designer and Gentleman, Design Ranch, and House of Current, among others.
Also presented are the evolutions of the Apple and Mercedes-Benz logos, along with the work of legendary Logo Designer, Paul Rand.

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Author: Graphis