Kit Hinrichs Launches New Studio

Kit Hinrichs

Kit Hinrichs is leaving Pentagram. The news hit everyone in our community like a wrecking ball, with many wondering what he might do after his 23-year relationship with the famed design collective. The good news is he’s not retiring. Instead, he is launching Studio Hinrichs, along with an additional group called Hinrichs + Hirasuna Special Projects, formed with his longtime, talented writing collaborator Delphine Hirasuna. The first venture will be a continuation of his renowned graphic design work; the latter will focus on projects of personal and professional interest.

Kit Hinrichs’ career, which has spanned four decades, is the envy of any designer. During his tenure at the San Francisco office of Pentagram, Hinrichs’ deft touch was seen in his work for California Academy of Sciences, Pacific Gas & Electric, Muzak, Sappi Fine Paper, Gymboree, Hemispheres Magazine, and Design Within Reach, to name just a few. In 2004, he was awarded the profession’s highest honor, the AIGA Medal, in recognition of his distinguished achievements and contributions to the field.

Graphis Publisher B. Martin Pedersen wishes his longtime friend, and onetime collaborator, nothing but the best in his new endeavor:

“Kit is a truly talented designer whose work is a visual kaleidoscope. It successfully entertains and communicates information, and he makes it all look effortless. His work is very special, and any client who has the good fortune to work with Kit is rewarded with work that commands attention and gets results.”

Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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