Setting Sail with Bezos’ Koru Yacht

Written by Maxim Sorokopud for Graphis Journal #380

In 2023, Oceanco made history with the completion of the Koru Yacht. This stunning vessel is the largest sailing yacht on the planet. Since launching, it has continued to make headlines wherever it fares. Yet the yacht offers much more to marvel at than its gigantic proportions. Unfortunately, for the time being, the Koru’s interior remains a tantalizing mystery to the public.

If you had an unlimited budget, what kind of superyacht would you build? Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the third-richest man in the world, no longer needs to ponder this question. The billionaire clearly envisioned the Koru as the peak of luxury and entrusted Oceanco, a yacht company that considers difference to be in its DNA, to realize this vessel.

The exterior alone offers plenty to admire, with its deck including a swimming pool and not one, not two, but three jacuzzis. Just behind the jacuzzi on the topmost deck is a leisure area, sheltered by a structure that appears to be part gazebo, part Herman Miller Eames table. Between these features is elegant wood paneling that contrasts sharply in color, depending on the intensity of the sun. In some lights, this paneling appears to have a light honey maple tone. In others, it has the rich hues of dark walnut. As will soon become apparent, Oceanco, exterior designer Dykstra Naval Architects, and interior designer Mlinaric, Henry, and Zervudachi Interior Design and Decoration are keeping details of the ship’s construction a closely guarded secret.

Frustratingly, the most intriguing details of the Koru are those which remain unseen. So far, Jeff Bezos has kept the interior of the yacht an almost complete secret. Zero press images of the inside of the yacht have been released. None of the companies that worked on the vessel have published a single photo of this inner space. Similarly, no press source has managed to publish an image of anything but the Koru’s exterior. Jeff’s Instagram page, at the time of writing, at least, provides no hint of what lies within the midnight blue-toned hull. Instead, all that we have are a few scraps of written rendition. For example, the Oceanco website describes the interior with only the following sentence: “Her interior has a timeless, contemporary style with natural wood tones complemented by a palette of warm neutrals and beautifully patterned textiles.”

At some point, images of the Koru Yacht interior may emerge. For now, the contents are only for Jeff and the select few he allows onboard to enjoy.

Oceanco is a privately owned custom yacht builder based in the Netherlands that has built full displacement yachts in the 80-meter (260 ft) range since 1987. It is owned by Mohammed Al Barwani, an Omani billionaire. Oceanco aims to create “the most advanced and inspiring yachts in the world.” With the history-making completion of its latest commission for none other than Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, it’s hard to deny that the company has done just that.

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Author: Graphis