Design Annual 2014
Platinum Winner Spotlight: IF Studio

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IF Studio — Art for Atmosphere

If you chance to find yourself in the heart of New York City’s Theatre district, you might stumble upon this little gem: IF Studio creative Toshiaki Ide’s latest work, ‘Satya.’

The trendy, urban decor, goes beyond good design in creating an upbeat atmosphere for hungry passerby’s. It was a given. The series earned a Platinum in our Graphis Design Annual 2014.

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IF Studio is a visual branding company formed by the creatives Toshiaki Ide and Amy Frankel. Donning an impressive portfolio of anything from building architecture to poster ads, the firm holds that foremost, they are storytellers whose mission is to enliven and uplift the customer experience, infusing each project with an authentic, unique and relatable story that connects and inspires action. Their words.

Toshiaki and Amy are consistent Graphis winners who have won a pile of awards for their AS IF Magazine covers, in addition to other entries.

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To check out more work by IF Studio, click here.

Photographer: If Studio
Category: Restaurant
Title: ‘Satya

Author: Rachel Lowry

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Platinum Winner Spotlight: IF Studio

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