How James Martin and Stephen Guenther’s Photos Show Cultural Differences in Photo 2021!

Photographer Stephen Guenther captured a detailed look at two, golden cap guns for his submission. Guenther captured the toy guns in a self-promotion project; the series of Toy Cap Gun images was titled, “It’s Just a Toy.” Guenther approached the way that he photographed the guns by trying to connect the toys to toys and real guns. At first glance, anyone would assume these guns were real; the attention to detail in the “marble work,” and carvings on the toy look gorgeous and immaculate. Guenther’s approach proves successful.

In contrast, photographer James Martin was reporting on the poor sanitation conditions throughout Fardibad, India when he captured his Photography Annual 2021 submission, “Fardibad, India,” (above). His submission showcases how the Indian government has been successful in tackling sanitation concerns. The dingy, yellow wall behind the subjects of the photo already shows the conditions that they perhaps were once living in. Accompanied by a representative from Garv Toilets, Martin ventured into Fardibad to see the solutions the company is providing. 

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Author: Graphis

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